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Nursery staff leave, working hour calculation and payroll export

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21 January 2021
Blossom Educational - Software update: Nursery staff leave, working hour calculation and payroll export

Happy new year to you all.

We’re still in lockdown and we know it’s tough. But it’s our job to make things easier for you. Therefore we introduce you to Blossom software update 9.3.0. Here you can find out and read about all of the new aspects we have added to our Staffing and HR features this month. Helping you to control cost and ultimately run your business more efficiently! Enjoy!.

Sara Thakrar
Founder, Blossom Educational

Staff leave notes

Another valuable staff management tool added to Blossom thanks to our customers’ recommendation. Users now have the option of entitlement notes which enables you to see what your staff members’ leave looks like in relation to their overall entitlement. By seeing how much cumulative leave each employee has, this takes your staff planning to the next level.

Nursery Staff leave notes

Custom leave types

Blossom users now have access to a wide range of custom leave types. This gives users more accurate exported reports as you can see in any given week how many hours of each leave type has been taken across all staff.

Nursery Custom staff leave types
Nursery Staff Leave types

Rota & Worklog

New card design!

aRota & Worklog : Working hour calculation

Working hour calculation

We have extended our staffing feature and given it a fresh look to give you even more control over things like:

Rota - all rooms filter

Blossom now helps improve your staff communication even further by being able to filter all rooms on the rota. When adding a filter, a bar graph indicates the ratio of staff required vs staff expected to give you an immediate visual of the staffing situation. And because the rota stipulates where each staff member is during what hours, staff can communicate better with one another.

Rota & Worklog : Rota - all rooms filter

Staff attendance

With Blossom’s new staff attendance feature, users can view on the rota planned vs actual work hours on one screen. No more flicking between screens or downloading exports to compare manually! This transforms your staff management as it allows you to:

Nursery Staff attendance


Blossom users are now able to add employee contracts to staff profiles. Add multiple past, present and future contracts to track employee growth. By being able to add details about each staff member’s contract, you can keep a more accurate payroll which in turn leads to more money saved for your nursery.


Payroll export

Based on planned and actual working hours

Both for the worklog and the rota, you now have the option to compare with a breakdown of payroll based on your planned work hours. Because users can see staff contract details in the export, it allows you to keep more accurate finances.

Alternatively, Blossom users can also export data with a breakdown of payroll based on your actual work hours. With this export, you can compare your contracted (planned) hours with your actual hours to see if there are any issues. Users can spot payroll errors instantly with this helpful financial feature.

Nursery staff : Payroll export

Rota head-office view

A new staff rota feature has been added to the Blossom dashboard! At a glance, group nurseries are able to see a summary of the total hours within each of your nurseries (in categories such as breaks, leave and overstaffed etc.) across all rooms for a particular day or week. Monitoring all of your nurseries is now more efficient as it lets you spot issues quickly (and resolve them).

Rota head-office view​

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