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Fill up your nursery quiet sessions and grow your revenue

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06 July 2021
Fill up your nursery quiet sessions and grow your revenue

Quiet Mondays and Fridays anyone? Our latest update enables parents to request extra sessions on the Parent App. This makes their lives easier, and increases your occupancy. Can everyone say win/win?

Request Extra Sessions June 2021-1

First step, activate the feature through your Nursery Settings.

Requesting Extra Sessions - activate the feature through your Nursery Settings

All parents need to do is click into their ‘Child Schedule’, and then select the ‘+’ icon on the top right hand page of the screen.

Requesting Extra Sessions smartphone

The parent is then able to request an extra session outside their child’s usual booking pattern. Parents will be able to request any sessions that are available based on your Rooms’ occupancy and your settings.

This will pop up on your Nursery App, for you to review your occupancy, staffing and then approve. Read on to see how Blossom makes this process easy…

When extra sessions are requested

When an extra session is requested, anyone registered on the platform as a Nursery Manager will receive an email to notify them of the extra session request. All you need to do is go into the ‘Parent Inbox’, and you will see a list of all requested Extra Sessions.

Requesting Extra Sessions requested by parents

Each extra session request will include the availability of the extra session based on your Rooms’ occupancy.

It will also include whether you need an additional staff member to cater for that extra child (based on your occupancy and ratios). For example, if you have four 2 year old children already attending, and another 2 year old child requests an extra session, the platform will flag that you’ll need an additional staff member.

Once approved, parents will see the status of their extra session move from ‘Pending’ to ‘Approved’.

When you approve or decline an extra session request, you are also able to add a note for the parent. The Parent will receive a notification on the Parent App alerting them of the approval/declining of their extra session request.

Within your platform settings, there is a new ‘Parent App’ section. Within here, you are able to:

This has been one of our most requested features, as filling under utilised sessions provides a massive boost to your nursery’s occupancy and finances.

Any extra sessions will automatically get added to children’s following invoices, even if the invoice period has passed.

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