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Privacy Notice for Parents and Guardians

Effective from December 2022


We are BLOSSOM EDUCATIONAL LTD (referred to as “we”, “us”, “Blossom Educational” and “Blossom”) and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy when you are visiting any website maintained by us including without limitation the website domain and using our services and our application for tablet devices (together the “Application”) or communicating electronically with us.

For the purposes of this privacy notice, references to “you” and “your” are to all parents and guardians authorised to use the Application by the Early Years Setting (“Nursery”) with which you have contracted.


Where this Privacy Notice refers to the UK GDPR, this reference will only apply to those parents and guardians based in the United Kingdom. For parents and guardians who are users of the Application resident in a country outside the United Kingdom, and whose children attend a Nursery based in that same country, the data protection laws and regulations of that country will apply, and the Nursery must abide by those data protection laws and regulations where it is the Controller of your data.

Data controller and data processor

For the purposes of processing any individual personal data, including data about children, the Nursery is the Data Controller. This means the Nursery gathers and controls the personal data about you and your children that you input to the Application. As the Data Controller for your individual personal data, the Nursery with which you have contracted is obliged under UK GDPR Article 12 to provide you with their Privacy Policy. This must clearly state how they are managing your personal data, the data of your children, as well as telling you about your rights and obligations under UK GDPR. If you have not seen, been presented with, or directed to the Nursery Privacy Policy, you should request this from the Nursery at your earliest opportunity.

For the purposes of processing any individual personal data, including data about children, Blossom is the Data Processor. This means that Blossom only provides the software and hosts the Application with which the Nursery is able to gather and process your personal data, and the data of your children. There may be circumstances where Blossom is required to directly access the personal data held in the Application and these are highlighted below:

Software Support – As owners and developers of the Blossom Educational Application, Blossom is obliged to provide technical support to the Nursery. In circumstances where direct assistance is required from Blossom with the software, such as bugs, upgrades, etc, Blossom may have access to the personal data that is stored in the Application. Under these circumstances Blossom will only process personal data limited to the specific support required at that time. Blossom will remain as Data Processor in line with their support obligation to the Nursery who remain Data Controller.

Product Development – Blossom operates a continuous development and improvement programme for the Application, to deliver parents and Nurseries with the best possible user experience. To provide focused and relevant development, Blossom may process the individual personal data held within the Application. When data is processed for this purpose, Blossom will anonymise all personal data. Under the UK GDPR this means that all such data immediately becomes non-identifiable or relatable to any individual person and remains non-identifiable at all times. For this processing Blossom acts as Data Controller.

For full details of how Blossom processes personal data please visit our website Privacy Policy. This can be found at

Contact and support

If you have any questions regarding the use of your own and your children’s personal data, your rights and obligations, you should contact your Nursery directly where they will be pleased to help.

Contact questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy notice are welcomed and should be addressed to

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