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The BE Paid feature is amazing. We have around 214 children and at this point in the month we would have 50 to 60 invoices still unpaid. I have just checked and we have only 15 unpaid invoices!

Our staff find Blossom easy to use and an effective communication tool to promote relationships with parents and carers. Our favourite feature recently is the ‘comments’ section for staff to add to home observations!

We love what Blossom can do for our parents!

Our management team loves the bulk invoicing on Blossom– it’s saved us so much time! We also really love the different types of financial reports that are available as this gives us a clear view of what to expect in the coming months.

We love the way our observations of the children are brought to life using photos and videos. Blossom is also a wonderful way of preserving memories of these precious early years.

Customer service is amazing, and our parents love Blossom. It’s also great having everything in one place!

I love the fact that we have a full enquiry system through Blossom’s nursery software. Blossom really helps us to convert new enquiries by managing it all in one place.

Blossom is an amazing, user-friendly system with excellent support!

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