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Making Relationships
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Making Relationships | 8 – 20 months

A new infant is one thing but a new toddler is a whole different story! This is the prime time for separation anxiety, self-awareness and the up rise of terrible twos! Here’s how to observe the statements and build bonds with these little characters.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development | Making Relationships | 8 – 20 Months

1. Seeks to gain attention in a variety of ways, drawing others into social interaction
Think about how your Toddlers are grabbing and maintaining your attention? Are they using gestures? For example: pointing Are the using noises, babbles or one syllable words?

2. Shows interest in the activities of others and responds differently to children and adults, e.g. may be more interested in watching children than adults or may pay more attention when children talk to them
Sometimes observations are just that – an observation! Whilst your Infants are interacting alongside each other, watch who they engage with and how they adapt the way they communicate to children & adults

3. Builds relationships with special people
Calling all Key People! You will be the first secure relationship built by the child outside of their family circle. I’m sure you remember that celebratory day when as your new key children entered nursery, leant towards you and waved to their parent.

4. Is wary of unfamiliar people
At this age, being wary of strangers is completely normal and a key skill a toddler will learn – this is the start of risk assessing and being aware of their surroundings. I often noticed this when temporary staff came from another branch to cover.

5. Interacts with others and explores new situations when supported by familiar person
Have you ever taken a group of children to a new room within your setting? As you walk in, the children seem quiet, reserved and glued to your leg. After a while, their natural impulse to explore kicks in and they will leave your side to investigate their new environment. Every now and then, they may toddle back and check to see you are still there. If you notice this happening – observe and follow on.

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