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Humpty Dumpty Day Nurseries: Case Study

Choosing between software providers

A Humpty Dumpty case study

Blossom has been a life saver! For ease of use & transparency for parents finances, we have felt confident and excited throughout our time with the app.

We were previously using Parenta & 2Simple in all of our 13 nurseries & club settings. We had found things didn’t update very often & we wanted an all in one. We then came across Blossom, Famly & Connect. All had strong features however the usability of Blossom combined with the functionality & sector experience the team had was a clear winner for us. Not to mention how you truly feel supported every step of the way.

Blossom brings out new features every couple of weeks & we receive newsletter updates for these – the features come directly from customer feedback so are always extremely useful.

Choosing between blossom, famly & connect

When first meeting the Blossom team I straight away felt like I was talking to a co nursery manager as opposed to a sales rep – they understand the problems we face in the sector & try to ease these for us with Blossom. As Blossom is a family run business we even had a one to one call with the Managing Director, just checking in on our experience – really going the extra mile.

Tim Hopkins

Humpty Dumpty Day Nurseries

Abbie Hobbs

Service Excellence Manager, Blossom Educational

I would recommend Blossom for all nurseries looking for an all in one platform. That being said, you can break features down if you do not want to use them all at once – We started with management & operations before we moved into child development & parent communications. Anyone looking to save time, money & headaches – choose Blossom.

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