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How much could you save with BE Paid?

With the never-ending pressure on staffing capacity, saving time within the setting has never been more important! Especially the time that is spent logging payments manually and chasing debt. Try our ‘sector proven’ cost & time saving calculator and discover how much our parent payment system could potentially save you.

Savings Calculator

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I operate
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children in each setting.
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Each setting pays
as the hourly rate for admin tasks like:
  • Chasing bad debt
  • Logging manual payments on Blossom
  • Sending out receipts/ proof of payment for parents
  • Checking if parents have paid
  • Ensuring forecasting reports are accurate
  • Setting up direct debits/ sending out mandates
  • Training staff on logging payments
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  • Calculate Savings!

BE Paid could potentially save you over3,500 per year!

BE Paid will save you ... hours of management and admin time per month. Saving you ... per month.

Across your nurseries, this is around ... per year.

Based on an assumption that:

  • 20% of children have aged debt each month and each chase takes 15 minutes
  • 1 payment per child, 1 minute per payment
  • 1 receipt per child, 5 minutes per receipt
  • 1 payment per child, 5 minutes per check
  • 2 hours per check
  • 10% of children have a new DD set up and each set up takes 15 minutes
  • 1 hour of training per month
  • ... hours
    of management and admin time monthly saved.
  • ... hours
    of management and admin time saved per year.

Saving you time

Cut down on manually logging payments

Let Blossom collect direct debits, card payments and recurring payments for you whilst reconciling automatically onto your Blossom account.

Reduce time spent chasing debt

Decrease and streamline the sometimes difficult conversations by simplifying parents payments. Parents are able to pay quickly, easily & automatically through their parent app.

Simplify processes

Lessen the time spent sending receipts & answering parent queries as this information will be automatically captured within the nursery and parent app.

Saving you money

Remove any current third party payment processors

As you are now able to use Blossom to manage your payments you can remove any current payment processing systems, for example; Worldpay, GoCardless, Stipe, Shopify and potentially even banking fees.

Streamline admin processes

When using BE Paid you will be streamlining the payment and admin processes within the setting, thus saving you staffing costs.

BePaid Setup

Connecting Blossom with Stripe

Blossom Parent App:

How To Make Payments

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