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Child Protection Policy

The key fact to understand with regards to Blossom Educational’s app is that it is a CLOSED SYSTEM. This means that no-one can access any of the sites content unless they have a login and password specific for that setting.

Nothing is accessible by the general public. From the moment a photo or a video is taken it remains within the system. The only people who may be Blossom Educational Users are…

  • Setting staff, including teachers and assistants, who have created logins authorized by the settings Administrator.
  • Blossom Educational staff, who have been DBS checked and carefully screened.
  • Ofsted inspectors and other authorities specifically authorised by the settings Administrator.
  • Parents who are currently registered with the setting and who have been listed as a contact for that particular child.

Even then, individual parents can only access images related to their children.
Parents are entitled to opt their children out of the Blossom Educational process at any time, in which case their children’s images will not be tagged or identified in any way.
Parents are also advised that any images that they want to save from the website should not be displayed on the internet without some consideration of child security issues.