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Building relationships: D-Dee’ Case Study

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27 October 2022
D-DEE - Blossom educational - case study - cover
Debbie Gunn - d-dee's
Debbie Gunn
Nursery Director and Manager, D-Dee’s Day Nursery

The world of early years has always been complex, and since covid this complexity has increased. We had come to realise that our previous management software was not meeting our needs and decided it was time to see what else was out there that may support us on business, family, children, and staff sides of the business. We looked at a few companies and then came across Blossom!

Blossom have been created from within the sector, for the sector and that is noticeable. The first thing that drew my eye was how aesthetically pleasing it was, the colours, the branding, and the flow, it was professional, friendly, and fresh. Aside from that it does what it says and far more. Post covid our parent connection was different to where it was before, and Blossom has supported us to keep the parents informed.

This connection with families has enabled our children to be even more at the centre of what we do than before. Everything that we do or send from nursery goes directly through the parent app, it is a ‘one stop shop’ for all things D-Dee’s. Parents can access learning, news, finances, accidents reports and more.


For our business needs it provides far more than invoices, we can accurately forecast, find spaces, and communicate with our team and families.

Observations are timely and changes can be requested from the team prior to parent upload, which supports professional discussion. We have used the assessment portal to support SEN referrals and school transitions, these have been readily received by the schools and other outside agencies as a clear guide to where we are celebrating children’s progress and where they are on their journey.

d-dee's - kids playing

The team at Blossom are super pro-active and if there is ever a live issue, we tend to know about it via email, rather than discovering it ourselves. Any glitches have quickly been put right, and even planned changes have been changed back if the settings prefer it back as previous. The support team never make me feel silly for asking a question even when I ask them to repeat the answer ten times.

Blossom has given me back so much time. Time is our most important commodity and is of triple value for our children. For every hour that Blossom saves a member of staff that gives children back time. We only get a certain amount of time with these little people and every second is special. Thank you to Blossom for all that you do and continue to do.

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