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Blossom staffing feature, Inspire Montessori: case study

Blossom Staffing Feature
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08 December 2020
Blossom staffing feature, Inspire Montessori case study
Inspire Montessori

Before Blossom, how did you manage your staffing and rotas?

Before we used Blossom, staffing was a very time-consuming task. We used spreadsheets we had designed ourselves that were old and hard to use.

We would have issues with formulae incorrectly calculating hours and if changes were made, they would have to be saved and shared which often meant there were many versions of the staffing causing confusion over which was the correct one.

How has Blossom helped you to improve your staff management?

The Blossom staffing feature feels like the missing piece to the puzzle. We now save so much time on planning our staffing requirements for the weeks and months ahead. I particularly love being able to project a staff member’s on-going shift pattern when entered only once.

By simply clicking a button I can share my team’s rota for the up and coming week / month.

My role requires me to closely monitor staffing across several settings, this feature allows me to do this centrally and easily without having to essential time away from the manager. I have calculated saving over 4 hours a weeks – over a year, that’s 200+ hours!

Blossom allows us to ensure we are confidently staffing effectively saving us money where we are not over or understaffed. This coupled with the clock in and clock out function means I can get a real time update at any time of the day, and check whether a nursery is under or over staffed. The graph at the top of each room gives me clarity of the staff required at each hour of the day.

What is your favourite part of the feature?

The staff work log is amazing! Payroll has in the past taken up excessive time. With checking paper registers and engaging my brain for an afternoon of maths, it was a task I would dread!

work log feature, I can easily export the hours each staff member has actually worked with in a specific time frame in a fraction of the time. This has saved me so much time and by far is my favourite feature.

Anything else?

The Blossom staffing feature also incorporates a Leave and Absence management tool. This tool easily logs how may days holiday or how many periods of absence a staff member has had. This has helped us move away from another paper-based monitoring system and become more environmentally friendly – we have saved many trees.

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