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How to prepare staff, parents and children for an Ofsted inspection

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22 December 2021
How to prepare staff, parents and children for an Ofsted inspection
Let’s get down to the specifics. Here’s what you can expect:

    Ofsted inspections aren’t exactly a walk in the park- and for good reason! One thing you can do to minimise staff and parental stress during this time is to plan and communicate. We dive into ways you can prepare your staff and your parents to make the inspection process enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

    How to prepare staff

    Make The Early Years Inspection Handbook familiar and readily available. It need not be a scary/stressful document. Chat about it now and then in the common room over tea. The more staff understand what constitutes an Ofsted Outstanding nursery, the more confident they will be on inspection day.

    Tips to help staff prepare

    Understandably, some of your staff may experience anxiety around the inspection, especially if there is added pressure to boost your setting’s Ofsted rating. Do not ignore this, and of course, do not add to the pressure – they’re already aware of the importance. Ofsted nursery ratings are important to staff as well. Remind them that it’s alright to acknowledge mistakes, and emphasise that the inspection is a celebration of accomplishments that your staff should be proud of.

    Blossomers are able to upload and store The Early Years Inspection Handbook on the Blossom platform for continued, easy access. Our Staff Rota lets employees know who will be present on the day of inspection, and our child attendance tracking features make it simple to see which children (and therefore parents) will be participating.

    Questions you will be asked

    Unsurprisingly, you can expect to be asked a variety of questions on inspection day. Some are directed at the manager, others Room Leaders, and so on. It’s imperative that you answer all questions with 100% honesty because sooner or later the inspector will find out. (And rest assured that lying won’t work in your favour to bump up your rating). Check out these examples of inspection questions:


    Key children & their development/Observations:

    Questions to Room Leader:

    General Questions:

    Upload all policy documents for safe online storage, record key moments in a child’s education journey, customise and store all staff info with staff profiles.

    How are the parents involved in the inspection?

    It is essential to notify parents that an Ofsted inspection will be taking place. Remember, Ofsted nursery ratings are important to your parents as well. The inspector will make sure to chat to parents and gather evidence on their opinions of your setting. So send out a notification email or text so that they’re not caught off guard.

    What are inspectors looking for when it comes to parents
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