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Blossom Tree Painting Activity

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03 April 2017
Blossom Tree Painting Activity
Here’s what you can expect:

    Are you struggling to motivate your practitioners?

    Perhaps you want to extend your child’s learning at home? Our team of Early Years experts are igniting knowledge and excitement back into the childcare sector!

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    1) We are a business growth tool.

    2) How to carry out our Blossom Tree Activity

    Top tip:

    Parents and practitioners, to engage and enjoy the activity with your child – why not paint your own hand too!

    You have completed your activity!

    Too difficult for your little ones?

    Why not simplify our activity by encouraging free panting with our Blossom colours. Your child can use diffierent strokes with less adult guidance – it doesn’t matter if your end product does not look like a tree – it should be your child’s own master piece. You could also encourage your child to use their fingers to make marks on the page.

    Want to extend your child’s learning?

    Try colour mixing! Introduce a variety of colours and see their creativity flourish.

    Development Factors for Parents

    Fine Motor Skills


    Bonding and Character Building

    Self Care

    Early Years Framework Links for Practitioners

    Across all age groups

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