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“It is hard to come by people with such a genuine interest in helping their customers. We feel very lucky to have a dedicated account manager that has helped us get started on our Blossom journey.”

“The app is very user friendly, which enables us to share observations and photos with parents. I am glad I switched over from Tapestry. We have the ability to select any age band irrespective of the child’s age at the time.”

“I was recommended Blossom and it was my first choice. It’s accurate and very effective. We enjoy tracking our children’s development, linking to the EYFS and sharing with parents. It does exactly what we want!”

“We have tried so many systems which were very slow and difficult to use. We have a few members of staff who are technophobes & they have created 94 observations in September alone!”

“Such a great service and so helpful! I even recieved an answer to my query over the August bank holiday, allowing me to get on with my work on Blossom, causing minimal interruption to my business operation.”

“With occupancy, there’s no more scraps of paper or endless hours spent creating staff rotas!”

“I am genuinely a better Manager, when I speak with OFSTED I am confident and know the children better.”

“From creating invoices to deep financial insights into our business, it is simple but powerful.”

“It is really powerful to be able to send parents a timeline of their child’s day at nursery. All of our parents love it!”

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