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Updated 5th March 2020

What are the recommended devices to run Blossom Educational Software smoothly?

Most Recommended!

Blossom Educational nursery software recommended device iPad

From £319

From £150

We would recommend getting the 5th Generation iPad minimum to ensure you continue to get software updates.

Blossom Educational nursery software recommended device samsung tab

From £199

From £124

Other Options

Buying a number of new tablets upfront can total a large cost. Here are some alternatives to buying you can consider.

To Lease

Using a authorised reseller such as Hardsoft, ensures you are getting a quality device at a reasonable cost for your business. Leasing prices start at around £2 per week for older models and most offer the option to own the device at the end of the lease period. Check out some websites below:

From £2.36 per week

From £1.87 per week

From £3 per week

Second Hand

Looking for second hand devices can often cut a considerable amount of the cost. However, this does carry some risks such as little/no warranty, possible damages & no return options. If you do choose this route, here are some sites you can trust.

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