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getting your setting ready for your new starters
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Top Ten Tips for getting your setting ready for your new starters!

The transition between home & setting can be daunting for children, parents & practitioners! Here are our top tips to prepare your nursery environment when welcoming a new starter!

1) Gather together photos of the children’s family and display them at the children eye level.

2) Create a warm, friendly and homely atmosphere.

3) Organise your settling in sessions for quieter times of the day – this will keep you nursery calm and tranquil.

4) Allow your children to access their comforters – something familiar that smells of home can be a quick fix to anxious and upset children.

5) Ensure your practitioners are reflective of your procedure. You could have the best written policy in place but it is useless if not implemented and carried out correctly.

6) Gather together as much information on your new starters as possible. Use your parent’s knowledge and record the children’s likes, dislikes, interest’s and routine!

7) Why not create a ‘Take Home Teddy Bear’ this will add an additional link between home and nursery.

8) Discuss the importance of positive reinforcement with the parent – a worried parent is a worried child.

9) Encouraging your practitioners to plan activities based on the children’s interest from the first settling in session is extremely effective.

10) Visiting nursery little and often is key! A couple of hours a week at regular intervals is perfect for smooth transition.

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