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  • Make Observations

Creating observations is a breeze with Blossom. Initially built specially to support child development, Observations are one of Blossom’s top software features. Create observations and attach media in seconds before linking to the framework of your choice. Link the observation to the EYFS or CoEL and select a statement to match their development.

Make Observations
Group Observations
  • Group Observations

When creating an observation, you are able to add as many children as you like. Safeguard by tagging photos which feature them and personalise EYFS links for each individual child to give parents the best overview of how they are developing at nursery.

  • Next Steps

Once an observation has been filled in, it’s time to focus on what comes next for the child’s development. Pinpoint an area of learning within the EYFS for them to focus on and write a comment personal to the child’s progression.

Next Steps

More Observation Features…

Observation Tracker

Track how many observations have been completed by child.


Save managers time with the feedback feature! Before observations are improved, they go to the manager to review, give comments about spelling or their links to frameworks and then send it back to the practitioner who created it.

Observation Features

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