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  • Formative Reports

Formative reports give the nursery a complete overview of a child’s development. See which statements a child has secured, and the goals they are working towards. You can add personalised comments to each report sending them out to parents via the app.

Formative Reports
Generate Reports
  • Generate Reports

Identify trends within your nursery by viewing different development reports. These reports include gender comparisons, ethnicity comparisons and more, each one helping to ensure that no child is left behind within their cohort.

  • Cohort Tracking

Use the observation tracker to see how many observations have been made for each child, filtering by different members of staff. You can also take advantage cohort tracking to see if children are lacking or succeeding in an area of learning based on their age.

Cohort Tracking

More Tracking Features…

Comparison Reports

Quickly identify trends, gaps and patterns.

Automatic & Manual

Choose between automatic and manual
tracking options.


Export reports as PDFs.

Send Reports

Send formative reports via email or the Parent App

Tracking Features

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