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March Newsletter

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31 March 2020
Here’s what you can expect:

Newsletter Feature

As a reminder, we have launched our Newsletter Feature! This has been the saving grace for many nurseries in a time where communication is everything. Click More > News > Create!

‘It’s been sent from heaven! A true lifesaver at this current time!’ 

‘I have been able to send out updates on changes at nursery for both staff and parents, I haven’t even had to worry about remembering to BCC! One less worry!’

Thank you for all your feedback and keep it coming in!

Changes to Dietary Reports

The Dietary and Allergy Report is one of our most used features on a daily basis. We have kept all the functionality you love but have made enhancements throughout design and usability. There are new filters across the top, new export options & links to the children’s diary & profile. Preparing food orders & meals for an array of requirements has never been so easy!

When you first use this feature, you may notice the ‘Missing information’ notification below. This is alerting you that this child is missing dietary and allergy information. Simply click Child Profile > Medical & Dietary Requirements > Add details > Save. When adding new children to your platform, this will now be a required field. 

Children Age Filter

You can now check which children may be entitled to upcoming Funding, click on Children and select an age range.

See Outstanding Balance

We are certain this little improvement will be of great value to you all. We have enhanced our Payment page on Blossom. When registering a new payment, you will now see the ‘Total Outstanding Balance’ so no need to rely on your memory any longer!

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