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Blossom parent app: New home activities

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11 September 2020

The Nursery Sector Post COVID-19

How to Recover & Thrive

Kay Patel
Kay Patel
Happy Tree Nursery
Carly Garrett
Carly Garrett
Banana Moon
Laura Leigh Davies
Laura Leigh Davies
Child's Play Nursery
Sandra Copping
Sandra Copping
Colourbox Montessori
Ash Pajpani
Ash Pajpani
Blossom Educational
Rebecca Reeve
Rebecca Reeve
Blossom Educational

A special thank you

We’d like to take the time to thank everyone who helped make the event a success.

Kay Patel

who has been a trusted advisor for Blossom since our inception. Thank you for your ongoing support and expertise.

Carly Garratt

who has helped to shape new features & enhancements as Blossom has developed over the last 2 years. Thank you.

Laura Leigh Davis

thank you being a great advocate and for continuously sharing your ideas.

Sandra Copping

thank you for your ongoing promotion of Blossom and providing great feedback to make Blossom even better.

Thank you to the NMT for being exceptional hosts & of course our own super stars Ash & Rebecca.

If you missed it and want to watch it, click the button below!

Parent App : New Home Activities

Over the last few months, we have all been spending more time at home. We understand it can be difficult for parents to think of new, exciting and educationally stimulating activities for their children every minute of the day. We are here to help!

Our Early Years Educators have created and tested a selection of activities your parents can try at home with their little ones. The activities are for varied ages, abilities and are linked to the EYFS.

Encourage your parents to give them a try and use their Parent App to share their photos and experiences with you – promoting even better partnerships with parents.

To access these activities:

Try an activity

Folding laundry
Making shakers
Stereognostic bags
Making music
Making Moonsand

Staff bio

In the staff profile you already have the option to write a staff profile, this is now visible on the Parent App.

If a parent wished to learn more about their key person, all they need to do is go to:

Parent App > Key Person

Staff bio

Accidents and incidents

Parents can now view accident & incident records via the Parent App! Once the document is signed & completed, it will be sent over to that parental contact.

Parents can find this on the app by going to:

Parent App > 3 Lines to open your Parent World > Accidents & Incidents.

Accidents and incidents

Enjoying the parent app?

Let us know by giving it a rate on the app store!

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