Occupancy & Staff Planning

Macbook Occupancy Report Apr 2019

Ratio a mess?

Finding it difficult to keep track of your children’s sessions?

Want to be able to plan for more effective staffing?

Keep track of your children’s and staffing requirements with ease

Forecast future attendance

Help your nurseries to reach full capacity

See available sessions at a glance and identify gaps

Organise your practitioners and their time better

See instant staffing ratios for any point in the future

Manage rooms and transitions with ease


Pulling together your required information in one easy step


Make faster decisions from the data you need


A complete overview for better planning

More Features

Monthly FTE statistics

Daily staffing requirements

Occupancy planning

Weekly FTE reports

Automated and manual room moves

A complete overview of your nursery’s occupancy

“No more scraps of paper and endless hours spent creating staff rotas. With your occupancy and children’s numbers at your fingertips, nursery management becomes a breeze!”

Hiral Bharadwa, Inspire Montessori

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