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Give our cost calculator a whirl. We've designed it around our own nursery business and it's pretty accurate to say the least.

Savings Calculator

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staff members in each setting.
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Practitioners spend
hours on non-contact time per week.
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on printing each year.
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hours creating staff rotas and managing deployment each week.
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  • Calculate Savings!

Blossom could potentially save you over£12,500!

Per setting, Blossom will save you ... hours of practitioner time per year. Saving ... per year, per setting.*

Across your nurseries, this is more than ... per year.

Blossom's admin functions will save you ... hours of management time per year, saving you .... On printing alone you would save ....

  • ... hours
    of practitioner time saved.
  • ... hours
    of management time saved.
  • ...
    saved on printing alone.

* Based on an assumed average practitioner cost of £10/hour. Following a survey, practitioners report that Blossom saves 50% of time for children's tracking.

* Based on an assumed average management cost of £15/hour. Managers and leaders say that Blossom cuts down admin time by 70%.

* Blossom means your printing volume can be reduced by as much as 80%.


Saving you time

Cut down on printing

Blossom offers file hosting, allowing nurseries to store and organise important documents, reducing the need for stacks of paper documents.

Export reports from the system to view important data anytime, anywhere.

Maximise your occupancy

The occupancy planning and forecasting tools ensure your numbers are always up to date. No more nights looking over spreadsheets required.

Have quiet sessions? Blossom allows parents to book extra sessions through the Parent App.

Blossom Software: Maximise your occupancy

Saving you money

Speed up admin processes

Blossom’s management platform makes it easier than ever to create staff rotas.

Our finance reports, forecasting and automatic invoicing calculation reduces the hours spent managing nursery finances.

Blossom Software: Speed up admin processes

Supporting practitioners

Blossom’s diary and learning journey features help practitioners keep up to date on children’s progress and keeps parents happy with picture and video updates.

Our staff worklog, rota and leave helps prevent burn-out and keep staff happy.

Price plans

Two simple plans. No little hidden extras. No cheeky add-ons. No contracts.

Our nursery software pricing plans couldn’t be easier and are designed to fit your nursery needs, from One setting to Two Hundred. With a monthly subscription, no upfront costs and all the support that you will ever need. It just makes sense. And, if you just want to deploy our Business functionality, or Parent App, it’s absolutely no problem.


Great for managers in need of more in-depth information.

Per site
Per month + VAT
Billed monthly
Learning & Business

Focus on your performance and increase business profitability

Per site
Per month + VAT
Billed monthly
a 30min session
no strings attached
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