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Nursery Accounting : Export invoices in CSV format to Xero and Sage 50 (October 2020)
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Nursery accounting: Export CSV invoices to Xero and Sage 50

Accounting Exports

Nurseries can now use our newly designed accounting exports! These are made up of Child Reference Codes, Account Codes and a specific export for Xero and Sage50.

You can now add children’s unique reference codes which will match to your accounting software.

The codes will always be automatically populated unless of course manually edited by the user.

Child Reference Codes

Child Reference Codes

Where can the reference codes be found?

For a specific child

Children > Child > Nursery information > Edit Pencil > Reference code is found at the bottom.

For all children

More > Settings > Finance > Child Reference Codes > You can edit them on this page.

Top tip:

Code can be in any format you wish that uses letters & numbers.

Account Codes

We now have account codes too.

All invoice items will have account/nominal codes that again, match with different accounting softwares which will show on the invoice exports.

Go to More > Settings > Finance > Account Codes.

Account Codes
Finance Export

Finance Export

Finance data can now be exported as a CSV for specific integration with Xero and Sage50 as well as a general export which includes all of the data.

Go to Finance > Invoices > Export

From the export pop up you can select:

Export invoices
Finance Export

Exporting invoices to Xero and Sage 50

If you are still having difficulties exporting your accounting data and you find that the steps explained above are not really clear, don’t worry (it can happen), we are here to help you with that. we have created a video simulation that explains step by step how you can export your accounting data to Sage 50 or to Xero in a few seconds.

Exported CSV

Remember, depending on the accounting tool the columns in the CSV export are designed to differ accordingly.

Things to know about the CSV:

Finance Export

Top tip:

In relation to the accounting packages Xero and Sage50, the account codes only get imported when they are added to Xero or Sage50 first.

Importing invoices

Importing invoices into Sage 50

Finance Export

Importing invoices into Xero

Finance Export

Parent app child schedule

You can now see children’s booking patterns on the Parent App! Click Schedule at the bottom of your Parent App and view the sessions taken or booked on specific dates.

Parent app child schedule

Enjoying the parent app?

Let us know by giving it a rate on the app store!

News file formats

To make it easier to upload information to your a News Post we have extended our file formats. You can now add a document, presentation, pdf and spreadsheet.

News file formats

Allergy dropdown

There are now three options to choose from in the allergy dropdown; Has allergy, No allergy & Unknown allergy.

Top tip:

If an existing child has no allergy they will automatically default to unknown allergy.

This will then be reflective on the dietary requirements and allergies report.

Allergy dropdown

Go to Children > Child > Medical information > Allergies.

Staffing & HR

Staffing & HR has been with our valued Pilot Nurseries for a few weeks now.

We have collected feedback and have already implemented changes.

Sickness Report

You can now export a Sickness Report.

Go to More > Staff Leave > Export. Select Sickness Report for the Report type and the report parameters.

A CSV export will be emailed to the selected recipient.

Sickness Report

Staff Rota All Rooms View

Staff Rota All Rooms View

When going to the staff rota, the default filtered view will be the new ‘all rooms’ view. This shows you staff member’s shifts across multiple rooms in both the week and day view. The all rooms view can also be exported.

Across the staffing features, we have improved the visual look based on feedback to make the different activities for work, break, holiday and sick leave easier to understand. The icons for each of those have been replaced with the text labels. These labels are seen on the staff rota, worklog and workday overview.

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