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EYLog / EYMan and Blossom: A Comparison

There are many differences between Blossom and EYLog. Blossom is an all-in-one system built with the user in mind – and particularly with parents in mind. EYLog and EYMan are two separate software packages which focus on getting a job done.
This article enables you to take a deep dive into what each platform has to offer.

Tracking Children’s Learning and Development

Blossom and EYLog both feature EYFS and CoEL frameworks. This aspect of the two systems is relatively similar, with both offering observations, tracking and next steps to help plan the future development of the children. However, the EYLog platform, which is split into desktop and a practitioner app, makes it difficult to track the progress of an observation which has been sent to a manager for approval. Blossom has a powerful ‘Feedback’ feature, which enables Managers and Room Leaders to add observation feedback with the touch of a button, and directly send this to practitioners for review and finalisation.

Blossom’s Montessori platform can link to the EYFS, and set next steps as well as activity suggestions from a resource of over 400 Montessori activities. EYLog features a few more frameworks including Montessori, however the benefit of Blossom is having a platform built by early years experts. They operate a Group of nurseries themselves, and so framework developments and changes are made in real-time.

Parent Engagement

Blossom places the Parent at the heart of their system, always giving a focus on providing them with the most positive experience. Blossom has a modern Facebook esque Parent App, which enables the sending of diary information, observations, invoices and more.

The Blossom Parent App has a fresh and simple look, easy to navigate and is engaging for parents of all technological abilities. EYLog Parent has a newsfeed look to it, however it is quite clunky and difficult to navigate. A few small features are missing such as the ability to properly save images at a high quality. Blossom has also recently released EYFS home activities for parents to complete at home with children to help support their development.

On Blossom, users can add an unlimited number of Parent Contacts, and also stipulate whether those contacts should also receive financial information such as invoices and payment receipts. EYLog can have up to six unrestricted ‘parent’ profiles, meaning it is not possible to give different access levels to different types of guardians.

Blossom invests heavily in their Parent App, making sure that the customers of a nursery always have the best experience. Although a more expensive system than EYLog, Blossom is seen as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the industry.

Children’s Log & Daily Diaries / Daily Sheets

With Blossom there is no limit to how many children or contacts you can add onto the platform, however, each child on EYLog can have up to six unrestricted ‘parent’ profiles, meaning it is not possible to give different access levels to different types of guardians. Diaries on Blossom and EYLog appear similar, the only difference being ease of use. Blossom’s ethos is that if something takes longer to do on their system than it does on paper, it takes too long. The system makes logging sleeps, nappies, meals and activities a breeze.

Finance and HR

Blossom first started introducing Finance and Invoicing features in early 2019, since the initial launch, those features have grown and adapted to suit the specific needs of our customers. At Blossom, there is a focus on constant innovation and there are new features being introduced each month. Blossom currently has invoicing, payment registration, funding and extensive reporting- with an payment system currently in the works which will enable parents to make payment directly from the Parent App. Blossom also has a whole host of detailed but very easy to digest financial reports, which makes credit control, fee forecasting and planning a breeze. Blossom’s bulk invoicing function enables users to quickly check against past invoices before finalising a run – this means that monthly billing can be completed in a matter of minutes.

EYMan, the administrative platform, also has the same features as Blossom, however they have partnered with GoCardless (Direct Debit), Sagepay and Stripe to offer in-app payments to parents. These features are in development for Blossom.

EYMan also features some HR features to help with staff planning, however users have commented that it can be difficult to understand and use. Blossom’s Staffing, HR and rotas/rostering functionality is in development, and will include staff sign in / sign out, the ability to create rotas based on occupancy, and clear flags for any time a nursery is overstaffed or under-staffed.

Occupancy & Staff Planning

Both EYMan and Blossom have similar occupancy features. Use occupancy to forecast your available spaces and plan staff ratios to help with staff planning. These features allow you to forecast in advance, and with Blossoms colour coded occupancy reports, you are able to see any issues and gaps with just a glance. Blossom’s Occupancy Planner feature gives Nursery Managers the ability to see available spaces at a glance.

Nursery Chains / Groups

Blossom has a group dashboard feature, for nursery groups who want to see an overview of their settings. Blossom features group reporting to give an overview of how their nurseries are running and to help encourage expansion, Blossom has made it simple for nursery groups to add new sites onto the group overview.

Support & Pricing

At Blossom, we aim to give you the best support possible. As we are based in Northwood, on the outskirts of London, UK and it is easy for our expert team to reach you in person. Our company is built by early years professionals as well as tech experts, which gives us an understanding of what the sector needs and where it is headed. The monthly cost of Blossom ranges between £49 and £109 and there is no limit of how many children you can add onto the platform. The customer support is free and includes telephone support, help videos and articles, however there are small costs for more in-depth training. Training can also be delivered face to face, by an experienced Early Years professional who knows how to get the best out of the Blossom system, and guide you on your journey to Outstanding and maximum profitability.

EYLog and EYMan can either be paid for separately or together, with a single software starting at £8.25 a month, however the price increases to £59 depending on the number of children you have, which can create a strain on growing your business. If you opt for both EYLog and EYMan, this can cost you between £14 and £109 per month. Pricing can be complex and difficult to understand.

  • Blossom
  • EY Log
BlossomEY Log
Starting at
£14(limited children)
Starting at
User InterfaceModernTraditional
Cloud Based
Single Login
App StoresApple, GoogleApple, Google
Public Funding
In-app PaymentsComing Soon
Group Support


Information accurate at time of publication: 18 June 2020

We have done our best to create an accurate and unbiased comparison between Blossom and eyLog, however the products may have changed since the publication of this article. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact

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