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Easily manage your deposits all in one place with Blossom

Easily manage your deposits all in one place
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Deposits, customisable menus – oh my! Blossom has been busy. We’ve been hard at work this month to deliver new and improved features. Check out our latest releases to help take your nursery business forward!


Deposits are here! Easily manage your deposits all in one place. Customers with the Finance package will find Deposits under the finance tab on the menu bar. The overview will give you a breakdown of deposits raised, held deposits, deposits refunded, pending deposits and pending refunds.

If you are interested please contact our Customer Service team on 01923 545200 who will be able to advise further!

Menu Item Diary Settings

Want to manage your menu? We hear you! We’ve added a new area in settings where meal items and snack items can be added, edited and archived.

Updated Financial Reports terminology

You may notice some changes to the financial reports. They still display the same information, but the wording has been tweaked slightly.