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Famly and Blossom: A Comparison COMPARE BLOSSOM Famly and Blossom: A Comparison Blossom and Famly are two all-in-one systems which on the surface seem similar,...
Parenta and Blossom: A Comparison Parenta has been a long established company in the Early Years industry, focusing not only on their management softwares (Abacus, Dayshare, Fee Collection & Footsteps2) but also LEVEL 3 / Safeguarding / Early Years Management / training services, nursery marketing, and nursery insurance services. They also develop nursery resources.
EYLog / EYMan and Blossom: A Comparison There are many differences between Blossom and EYLog. Blossom is an all-in-one system built with the user in mind - and particularly with parents in mind. EYLog and EYMan are two separate software packages which focus on getting a job done. This article enables you to take a deep dive into what each platform has to offer.
iConnect and Blossom: A Comparison​ Blossom and iConnect are two nursery management softwares, however iConnect focuses more on the reporting side, with Blossom flourishing in Child development. Blossom’s system contains everything nursery staff need in one place. iConnect is separated into three different platforms for finances, parent communication and child development. These platforms are not fully integrated together, with the ‘Connect Childcare’ finance application being completely separate from the learning and communication. Customers often report this being disjointed & ‘clunky’.

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