Blossom’s Top Tips on Presenting!
14 Sep

Being a Montessori Teacher is all about how you observe the child and use the knowledge you gain to present lessons and activities. There can be so much to incorporate! From mastering new materials to adapting activities for multiple age groups – here’s a few tips to make your classroom Blossom!


Children thrive from being in-charge of their own learning so instead of making an activity compulsory, make it engaging.

Left to right & top to bottom!
Always move in these directors – just like a reading a book!

Eye contact 
This show the children are eager to learn and they have your undivided attention.

Left side or right side?
By sitting next to the children on a side most dominant to them – the children can mimic your actions exactly.

Montessori is all about the show! Use less words and focus the children on the materials in front of them.

Slow & clear
This may be a reoccurring activity for you but for the children this may be brand new. Take your time.

Repeat, repeat, repeat
This will improve accuracy, confidence and memory.

This is. Show me. Tell me
Using repetitive vocabulary to mark the three period lesson. This will increase the children’s understanding and help the Teacher to know this is imbedded!

Abort mission!
If the children are showing little interest or becoming frustrated – simply put the activity away.

Have fun with the children
Enjoy presenting and they will enjoy learning!


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