Blossom is as dedicated to your data’s privacy as you are
19 May

Last week we saw a Ransomware attack that affected many organisations including the NHS. Yesterday our technology team attended a conference on cyber security to ensure we keep up with the latest technologies to keep your data safe.

How Blossom is protected

Blossom takes pride in the security and privacy levels that are taken to protect your Early Years Setting’s data. Cyber security experts have explained that the attacked was not targeted at specific organisations, however it was targeted to old Windows operating systems. At Blossom we make sure our systems are always kept up to date and ensure that we use the most up to data security patches to fix any security vulnerabilities and improve the usability and performance of our platform.

Is my data safe?

The core of Blossom Educational’s data resides with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud based data center. They are compliant with ISO standards 9001:2008 and 27001:2013 and have passed the PCIDSS v3 certification. All of your data is stored on secure servers and back-ups are made in real-time. We make sure all passwords are encrypted and access to Blossom can only be given by the Early Years Provider.

Is my nursery safe?

Always keep your systems up to date on all devices to reduce the risk of being hacked. Always be cautions when opening emails from unknown sources and opening links you are not sure about.


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