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It’s time to Be Paid with Blossom 

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08 July 2024
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Be Paid is Blossom’s tried and trusted path to getting your parents’ invoices paid faster. It’s a mobile payments system powered by Stripe, and means all parents need to do to settle an invoice is a few taps on their phone. Considering if they’ve got the Blossom Parent App they’ll get notified of invoices when they’re delivered, it’s a no-brainer to include Be Paid into the mix. 

What is Blossom's BE Paid?

Be Paid is a mobile payments system designed for nurseries using Blossom’s nursery management software. Using Stripe, Be Paid empowers you to build a more profitable business by reducing the number of invoices that slip into debt. 

It’s also easy to use. Parents can pay for their groceries, utility bills, fuel and more with just their phone, so why not add their nursery fees into the mix? 

How do I get Be Paid for my nursery?

Step one: be signed up to Blossom. Sadly we can’t offer Be Paid to just anyone – it’s for the exclusive use of our customers but that just means you’ve got great all-in-one nursery management software underpinning your nursery when accessing mobile payments. 

Step two: sign up on our Be Paid page or click the banner in your nursery’s Blossom platform. From there we’ll check if you’re happy with the pricing and transaction fees and if you are, start setting up straight away. 

Step three: Get parents to download the Blossom Parent App, and enjoy faster payments! 

It really is that simple. But what do you get with Be Paid? 

The benefits of Be Paid for your nursery

Adding Be Paid’s mobile payments to your Blossom platform means accessing every benefit that mobile payments offer everywhere else. That means simplicity, speed and security all at once, but here’s how it applies to you. 

Automated billing

Automate every stage of the billing cycle by setting up direct payments in Blossom. Save time managing finances and get back to spending time with the children in your nursery. 

Predictable payments

Make chasing parents a thing of the past with easily manageable direct debits. Once it’s set up, parents don’t even need to think about it! You can also set the direct debit run date that works best for your accounts. 

Easily flag missed payments

Blossom makes it easier for parents to reconcile payments and for managers to flag any missed payments. 

Get paid how parents want to

By removing every stumbling block between parents and your due payments, you’ll get paid fast and quicker than ever before. Through card, Apple and Google Pay, parents can pick their preferred payment to get the ball rolling and remove or reduce the amount due with ease. 

Simple payment reporting

You can easily see what Be Paid has made your nursery with Blossom’s intuitive payments reporting, offering detailed insights into recurring fee payments, payment statuses and payout transactions.  

What does Be Paid cost?

Be Paid costs £50 per month if you pay monthly, though you save a little bit each month if you pay annually (the same is true for Blossom as a whole). £50 to Be Paid quickly, predictably and securely by parents, with all notifications and logs automated in Blossom for your convenience.  

There’s a tiny transaction fee on top, the same as you might get if you accepted in-person card payments (did you know shops pay card companies a little when you pay by card?). But this gets paid automatically and is a percentage of the payment, 1.45% + 0.08p per transaction and 0.45% for direct debits, so not something you need to worry about the admin of. 

So, in summary, to get Be Paid you need Blossom, the only all-in-one nursery management software designed and built by nursery owners. And to add Be Paid’s mobile payments to your Blossom platform and Parent App, simply get in contact and we’ll get it set up for you. Easy! 

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