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Our 2019
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A reflection on 2019 & an insight into 2020

As the end of 2019 is fast approaching, we reflect on the past 12 months, and what a year it has been. We have welcomed new customers, new team members, new ideas, new designs & new features and above all, seen our current network renew.

As much as we like to look back, naturally looking into next year is quite exciting too, so, we thought we would recap over 2019 and also provide you with a tempting teaser of what we have instore for 2020.

Financial Administration:

We started creating our Finance Features in late 2017. We had a full suite available for our network in 2018 but as you know, we never stop enhancing the functionality we deploy. We have enhanced each feature to ensure we are always innovating.

On Blossom, you can create complex session patterns over any time period, term and billing sequence. Batch invoicing. Automated payment plans. No need to remember those extra sessions or items as Blossom takes care of those too.

Public Funding:

We cater for all funding types across the UK and overseas. With Blossom, configuring your own grants is effortless. Being in the Early Years Sector ourselves, we have a thorough understanding of differences in Funding thus, have ensured ours is completely bespoke from an organisation level all the way down to the individual child. Funding Audits I hear you shout? We’ve got you covered there too. We have comprehensive insight tools to help you evidence exactly where children’s hours are allocated.


Blossom is all about customisation. Each nursery is different and we treat you this way. Blossom is tailored to you. Your rooms, your roles, your processes, inline with your business values.

Pricing & Support:

Ranging from £49 to £138 per month, you simply can’t go wrong!

overview planner

Child Development Assessment and Administration:

We are currently the leading provider for Child Development and Assessment across Nurseries and Montessori Schools & don’t our competitors just know it. Our fantastic Front Office Team are Early Years Educators by trade and our board is made up sector influencers and Montesorri Accreditors.

Our aim has always been to enable Practitioners to spend more time with children, which in turn looks after the Parents, who look after the longevity of your Nursery business.

We support a variety of observation to tracking cycles, a range of tools to boost practitioners knowledge & managers insights into their teams. We enrich parental involvement from the very first interaction.


Credit to our Product Architects & Engineers. Yes, we have cool Dashboards and a slick interface but let’s use the phrase, Blossom isn’t just a pretty face. Both Design and Tech Teams work simultaneously to combine beautiful design with comprehensive and useful insights. It’s these complex but easy to use features that our sector have been screaming for.

Final Thoughts:

We went into 2019 with a platform specialising in Child Development, Parental Communication and Business Operations. We go into 2020 with yes, an all in one software solution but also much more.

We are a business growth tool.

Proven to improve your parent experience, to boost your occupancy, thus increasing your revenue. We are experts in running outstanding, profitable nursery business using software as the foundation. The sector has had a tough year with good nurseries closing their doors and we think it’s time to change this.

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