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4 STEM Activities for Preschoolers to Try

Fun for preschoolers and practitioners alike!
4 STEM Activities for Preschoolers to Try
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STEM is not a new term for childcare settings. But why exactly is it beneficial for children’s learning and development, and what are some fun STEM projects for little ones? Let’s explore this together.

Let’s get down to the specifics. Here’s what you can expect:

Why is STEM important?

When it comes down to it, STEM activities help toddlers to learn valuable skills such as problem solving while exploring the world through science, technology, engineering, and maths. Like many activities at childcare settings, STEM projects help toddlers to develop their aptitude for:

During these activities, you will find that the children are curious, stay focussed and remain communicative throughout the project. Therefore they are simultaneously developing their language skills. Not only this, but they have a blast! So it’s worthwhile giving them a go.

Let’s dive into some STEM activities for kids!

Science: Baking soda and vinegar rainbows

What you’ll need:

How to do it:

What does this teach?

While they won’t understand the detailed science behind it, they will certainly see a cause and effect. (Dropping the vinegar onto the plates made a colourful, fizzy rainbow). It helps develop their creativity and excitement for learning – definitely a good science activity for toddlers to try!

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Technology: Insulate the snowperson

What you’ll need:

Use different coloured materials to add an extra element of fun!

How to do it:

What does this teach?

They will see that not all materials work the same when it comes to keeping things warm. They will also see how the warmth of the sun affects frozen objects, while simultaneously providing them with a basic introduction to survival skills.


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Engineering: Make music from water

What you’ll need:


Only dye the water one colour. You want the children to associate the different sounds with the different amounts of water (not colours). Why not try a fun yellow colour?

How to do it:

What does this teach?

While explaining that the sound is caused by a vibration may be a little too complicated at this stage, this STEM project will still show the children that different amounts of water in the glasses help to produce different musical notes. This enhances their sense of wonder and instills the joy of learning in each child.

Maths: Numbers trail mix

What you’ll need:

Swap out any items to accommodate allergies

How to do it:

What does this teach?

This helps children to improve their mathematics abilities by learning visually and in a fun way. They learn to recognise maths numbers, and improve their counting. Maths made yummy!

Why stop here?

We’ve even got home activities for parents to continue their child’s education journey at home. Have a look

Give these a try this STEM day and let us know how it goes! We love to hear from you.

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